About us

Pharos Research Group, based in San Diego, is an industry leader in market research, public opinion polling and performance metric analysis. Backed by twenty years of polling expertise and experience with the industry standard bearers, the principals of PRG can make customer and patient satisfaction measurement easy and inexpensive. Our ability to utilize cutting edge survey delivery, automated and live call functions, give us the edge in providing our clients with a beacon of light to navigate the ever-changing environment.

In the public opinion world, we’ve been doing polling since the early1980s. A firm grasp of voter turnout models, demographic analysis and changing trends put us firmly in the top 10% of all publicly published public opinion pollsters.

For the commercial side, we understand the metrics you want to measure. We will provide you with high quality research, unparalleled survey design, and simple, easy to follow reports to make the data we get for you easy to digest. We know what you’re looking for, and can provide an affordable, easy to use solution to get you data, large or small, that you can rely on to guide your company through the shoals into harbor.